Preciseley Microtechnology is pleased to announce the availability a MEMS optical shutter with wide ranging application to optical modulation, beam blanking, and reflective switching applications.

The metalized all-silicon design is compact, measuring 1.6 x 1.9 x 0.3 mm, and small enough for integration directly into confined spaces such as a TO can or optical fiber connector.

Blocker movement is proportionately controlled by an externally applied ultra-low current DC voltage signal. Extremely low power electrostatic (non-thermal) operation results in there being virtually no heating by the MEMS device, making it safe for close proximity to temperature sensitive devices.

Unlike reflective solutions, the MEMS optical shutter presents a clear optical path in open mode, neither lengthening nor degrading that pathway. In the closed position the blocker moves into the beam path, reflecting it to an absorption surface or alternate optical path. The blocker is available in a range of size and displacement configurations with reflective gold or aluminum coatings and is extensively customizable to meet customer requirements.

Preciseley MEMS optical shutters are available in low volume with flexible specification for customer integration.